One Thing You Need to Know to Face Tomorrow

Sometimes, I wonder if the bends and twists on this road of life can break things.

Some days, I find the courage to admit that I'm scared.

Like today. 

As I read through these piles of research, scribble down notes, and whisper fragmented prayers, the outline of my next book surfaces. Sharing from the wreckage of divorce, steps toward healing come into focus on the page. Hope faithfully emerges.
But hope and healing are the last things Satan wants for me. Or you.

So he hurls roadblocks of shame and doubt, blaring distractions like sirens.

He loves to cause wrecks.

As we slip behind the wheel of life, you and I need to know this one thing to face tomorrow:  
Christ wins.

This journey zigzags and spirals, but what keeps us from faceplanting in a ditch is just that: Christ wins.

We stagger toward Easter morning whiplashed, bruised, and broken desperately needing God's Resurrection promise. Our hearts suffer in this fallen world but what can scare us when we know Christ wins?

When chaos shatters tranquility and we need peace like a river, God buckles us into His indestructible Resurrection truth that, no matter how dizzy the road blurs our vision, Christ wins.

It means we can risk it all to share the hope of Salvation, because when we surrender the driver's seat to Jesus, we can let go and rest in His amazing grace.  

Christ lovingly navigates those hairpin turns when hurt skids us sideways on two wheels.

He stands beside us in the debris to offer the ultimate CPR of hope: "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall never perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

We suffer relationship rollovers, yet we experience healing in this: Christ repurposes pain for His gain to use what we thought was wreckage for His glory. 

Sharing those darkest moments could send me careening headlong into a tree of fear to give up and not allow the power of His healing and forgiveness to shine bright.

Instead, His Word provides strength and assurance that this road leads precisely to one life-changing truth that buckles us in safe and sound:  


And because He lives — we can face tomorrow.



  1. YES He does Win! Praise the Lord for He is our strength! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. I love your enthusiasm for the Lord, Cindy. :) <3

  2. Thank you, Donna, for reemphasizing that absolute truth.

  3. Donna,
    I have been looking at afew ditches here too lately! We sing "Jesus Savior Pilot Me" but yet we want to keep alittle of a hold on that wheel just incase! Just incase, really?? Why? Do we really think we can over steer Christ??? When going on a long road trip with hubby I never can totally relax as he has been known to fall asleep at the wheel, but, why do I seem to thnk at times that Jesus is going to do the same thing?? Could it be a faith thing? Where is my trust? Do I really think that if I worry alittle more, try and help Him alittle bit it will turn out better? Have I not ;earned?? Great post Donna for these anxious thoughts that wake me some nights recently!!! I am so glad Jesus wins!!!!
    Love Ya,

    1. Knowing that Christ wins can calm even our worst fears, my Friend. And you're right, it's a dangerous illusion when we believe we can steer Christ's Blessings!

  4. Beautiful words! When I'm trying to figure everything out...I really don't have to. He's already there.

    So excited to read your next book; when will it be out?

    1. So true, Shelly. And so thankful! My next book, "Living Water for a Thirsty Soul" comes out later this summer. This current one I'm working on is just in the drafting/proposal stage. I'll keep you posted! Hugs across the miles...

  5. Donna,
    I pray you never quit these postings as they are my fresh Word some days when my devotion time seems alittle stale!! The timing of these postings, at times, is just absolutely amazing!! There are days or nights I might struggle with an issue or am dealing with the very thing your post will feature! What a blessing you are in my life and I am sure to alot of others! Keep up the great work and we all look forward to you next books and studies!!!!
    Hugs again across frozen miles!

    1. I just love how God provides exactly what we need precisely when we need it. Thanks so much for your encouragement, my Friend.