"Your Strong Suit" - New Bible Study (and a Chance to Win!)

I am excited beyond measure to announce the official launch today of my new DVD-based Bible study series, "Your Strong Suit."

When I became a Christian 20 years ago, understanding the importance of suiting up in God's armor just didn't register. It does now. You and I have a powerful, deadly enemy bent on our complete destruction. Walking through life without God's armor is like walking through a mine field surrounded by snipers.

This study doesn't contain the usual Christian-ease. It's real. Down-to-earth. Digs deep yet is easy to understand. It deals with what we deal with today - loss, addiction, divorce, fear, and more. A relevant, meaningful study for both new and seasoned Christians.

Journey with me through Ephesians 6:10-18. These lessons pour forth rich Scripture, vivid cultural symbolism, and life-impacting stories that convey how desperately we need God's armor every day.

Each lesson runs 30-40 minutes - ideal for Small Groups, Sunday morning class, retreats, women's events, or any place you have a DVD player, computer, or laptop. Presented with state-of-the-art filming and stunning graphic design, this study was recorded before a live women's audience. It consists of eight lessons on two DVDs, including:
  • His Mighty Strength
  • The Powers Over This Present Darkness
  • The Full Armor of God
  • Truth and Righteousness
  • The Feet of God’s Peace
  • The Shield of God’s Protection
  • Our Helmet and Sword
  • Pray Without Ceasing

 Here is a brief glimpse:

Also included is an 85-page, color Study Guide with spiral binding for easy note-taking. Additional Study Guides available to order.

Over half - yes, over half - of all proceeds go directly to fund mission work through the Lutheran Women in Mission (http://www.lwml.org/).

Join me as we discover the battle, our armor, and our place in God's army. It is such a privilege to serve you.

CHANCE TO WIN: If you comment on this blog post below and share the link on Facebook or Twitter, you will be entered to win a free Bible study set. Drawing takes place Friday, November 18!!

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  1. This "Your Strong Suit" Bible study is more than awesome. It will always have a special place in my heart because it is the first Bible study I dug into on my own. This Bible study was so gripping that I WANTED to be studying every single day. That was at the beginning of this year, and I haven't stopped since. Praise God for daily Bible study and praise God for gifting Donna with all her talents, heart and passion! My life hasn't been the same since.

  2. I was intriqued by this topic when you told us you were taping this. Now I'm excited that it's available. Many blessings to you and your ministry.

    Missy Roth

  3. Congratulations on the launch of your Bible study series, Donna! It sounds like a great one.

  4. Donna, I am so excited for your new adventure in the life you were called to! Thank you for listening to God's prompting. Looking forward to checking out this amazing study!
    ~Donna A~

  5. Woo!Hoo! Excited beyond words!! Can't wait to plug in your DVD and plug into His Word. May we never forget to wear His armor girlfriend!

    His Warrior Chick,

  6. I'm so excited to get a group of women together (or hopefully several groups)to work through this Bible study! Thank Donna for all you have done! God bless always!

    Sharon Goertzen

  7. My cousins wife was visiting from Burlington, KY and I told her this was an excellent Bible Study! I am so excited for you Donna. God is working through you to all the women of LWML and others!
    Phyllis Behrend

  8. Donna, this is such an incredible blessing! Praying billions of lives are blessed through this study and through the finances that are going to the Women's Ministry. Beautiful.

  9. Donna, I am so proud and happy for you with the launch of your beautiful Bible study! You are a Blessing beyond words, and through you many will learn more about God's word. I love you very, much! ~Mom
    ~Angie Snow

  10. So excited for you, Donna! This is a much needed Bible study!

  11. Thank you all for stopping by with your wonderful words of encouragement - and helping spread the word about this study! I'm praying fervently that God uses this to draw people into His life-changing Word. Good luck on Friday's drawing!!

  12. Thanks Donna and I look forward to sharing it with my friends. Thankful that I was able to be a part of the taping. I pray that the Bible study will be used to reach many. Blessings, Helen

  13. The study sounds great! I'd love to win it and host the study for my neighbor ladies.

  14. This sounds awesome! Much-needed subject matter, and I LOVE that it's real and authentic. Can't wait to read. Heading over now to share the link :)

  15. I need this! Thank you for offering a chance to win, blessings on your ministry, Donna! (RTing now...) :-)

  16. Donna,
    It is so exciting to watch you grow in Jesus. You are so inspiring, and the joy you have found is over-flowing.
    I was sorry to miss out on the taping event, I am sure it was fabulous.
    God bless you.

  17. Ooo, ooo, I'm entering! ;)

    Congrats Donna! I'm looking forward to seeing where God takes you with your gift.


  18. Donna-such an exciting time for you, for LWML and for your ministry. All thanks and glory to God for allowing all of this to come together for in many ways, His hands in this project was so evident. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to guide you, give you extra measures of discernment and wisdom so that your ministry will continue to be a blessing for many.

  19. Another wonderfully exciting day of your encouraging, uplifting comments has left me grinning from ear to ear at what God's doing. Your encouragement makes my heart smile. I can't wait to see who wins the free set!!

  20. Donna, you inspire me everyday. The Holy Spirit has a big job for you and I'm positive that you can do it. Thank you for all that you do and I can't wait to see the series. Much love to you!! Joelle Johnson

  21. This is so exciting, Donna! Since we met in Peoria, and you shared the adventure God had given you to complete and launch this video series, I have been awaiting its release! I can't wait to offer it to the women here in Nebraska! You shine His light, Girlfriend! Your blog devotions are such a gift to me, too! He has you in His grip. [Gee...I'm slipping in under the wire for this fun contest deadline! Heading to FB now...] :) ~Deb Burma

  22. This sounds wonderful. I'd love to win!

  23. This sounds awesome - congratulations on its release! I'll help spread the word.

  24. Thank you for being willing to be the light.

  25. Wow, this looks terrific. I'm happy to jump in and help spread the word.

  26. This is a wonderful and very powerful Bible study. Please encourage all your churches and women's groups to invest in this! The cost is very reasonable when you consider what you are getting and compare it to other's like it.
    Thank you Donna for sharing your gifts with others!
    Leslie Jaseph

  27. Donna, this looks like a wonderful study. I'll be sharing the news on FB.

  28. Just watched your glimpse video of this Bible Study. Looks like a rich and much needed study on the Armor of God. God bless you for pursuing such a study, because I can imagine the attacks you may have faced in pressing forward to fulfill this mission. Thank you for being faithful to His call
    Rhonda Dohner

  29. DRAWING: And the winner is...DEBORAH BUCK!! Congratulations!

  30. Your Strong Suit video has left me wanting to know more. A year ago, I gradutated from ABC OH Pastoral Leadership Academy, a three year intensive as a lay minister. It was during my final class I heard God speak the words Prison Ministry. In 2010, a month after the execution of the offender who brutally attacked my 16 and 14 year old daughters, murdering my 16 year old, I started Heal My Wounds Leave My Scars Prison Ministry founded under the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation. It is here I have found my healing,strength and forgiveness of the offender, whom I was able to tell prior to his execution. I am free of the bondage of unforgivness and now I am the Lord's messenger to those incarcerrated.
    My first sermon was on The Armour of God Ephesains 6:10-20. I would love to learn from your Bible study.

  31. Lorraine,
    What a powerful testimony and ministry! Ephesians 6 contains some of favorite passages in all of Scripture.
    This contest has ended, but you can still order the Bible study from my website at www.artesianministries.org. It would be wonderful to hear what you think!