Jesus: The Stripes that Healed

Living in a large city, I have unfortunately been in several car accidents. I've caused a few and been on the receiving end of others. But the majority of accidents occurred where God positioned me in that certain place and time to help someone else in need. Some accidents were minor, but many more were life-threatening. As a mere "civilian" rather than a professionally trained medic, I'm limited in the ways I can help. I offer calm reassurance, hold hands, stop bleeding, pray, and call 911.

In one particular accident, an elderly man was broadsided by a drunk driver going over 60 mph. The elderly man was pinned inside the car between the driver's door and the passenger door due to the horrendous force of the impact. The elderly man only survived 10 days before losing his fight for life. These accident scene experiences have significantly increased my spiritual understanding of certain things. I can fully relate to what being "crushed" means and exactly what that looks like. It is horrific to say the least.

Jesus was crushed for our sin. And the most amazing thing? He did it willingly. He deliberately put himself in harm's way to save our lives - literally. God positioned Jesus in a certain place and time to be the Savior of the world. Jesus saw our life-threatening situation and deliberately put himself in the path of God's wrath to save our souls. His sacrifice on the cross was the ultimate 911 call. He loved us enough to be broken and shed His blood to bridge the sin gap between us and the Father. Because of God's amazing grace and Jesus' ultimate act of love, we have the promise of making it out of this world alive - eternally.